We are a founder company producing a wide variety of bells in accordance with the tradition of bell foundry craft known in the world since the XIIth century.

We cast following kinds of bells:

In addition:

  • we provide renovation of antique bells,
  • we re-cast cracked bells and guarantee tuning them to match the remaining ones in a set,
  • we also produce belfries that can be installed in a tower or placed in a churchyard.

Bells are made by hand only; they are an alloy of 78% copper and 22% tin. Moulds are given great ornamentation, interesting colouring and they are equipped with both suspenders and clappers filling our bells with bronze tone.

In our offer you can find a wide variety of sacral bells, their weight varying from 50 kilos to 2 tons and even bigger ones. Our offer includes different kinds of sets: both major harmonic and minor polyphonic ones, according to each client's requirements.

Sets of bells cast for Holy Ghost's and St Catherine's of Alexandria church in Gdynia

A set of bells made for St John Babtist's Orthodox Church in Nowa Sól

A set of three bells with a total weight of 1850 kilos prepared for Vilkaviskis church near Mariampol in Lithuaniae

In our offer, beside big sacral bells, there are also small ornamented, commemorative (suited to the occasion) and naval ones, which we produce in variety of sizes for individual requirements needs.

A memento of a wedding, wedding gift (16cmx16,5cm) A yacht bell with an anchor ornament (16cm x 16,5cm) A nautical bell with a name of a yacht (21cm x 21,5cm) A bell with a portrait of the Pope (10cm x 10,5cm) A bell with a portrait of the Pope (12cm x 12,5cm)
A memento of a wedding, wedding gift Two bells made for Media Corporation Company (25cm x 24,5cm) A bell made for 30th anniversary of establishing Rohling Company (16cm x 16,5cm) A bell with the NBP logo made for the NBP quarters in Stara Wies (16cm x 16,5cm) A commemorative bell with an ornamented crest of Gdansk and Neptun`s statue (h. 10cm, d. 10,5cm)

All the bells are decorated with suiting precise embellishments, taking into account individual needs. It is possible to make any kind of inscription or decoration, depending on its particular purpose.

Types of inscriptions placed most often:

  • Surnames,
  • Company names,
  • Commemorative dates,
  • Special dedications,
  • Company logos.

Bells constitute a special form of a mementos souvenir, or a gift commemorating an anniversary (for example Holy Orders) , wedding, First Communion, as a sign of gratitude with a special dedication.

Suggested types of fittings for small bells:
Brass wall hangers Brass stands Brass stands
with a glass base
Brass stands
with a wooden base

Sizes of commemorative, naval and suited to the occasion bells offered by our company:

height diameter
10.5 cm 10 cm
12.5 cm 12 cm
16.5 cm 16 cm
21.5 cm 21 cm
25 cm 24.5 cm

Two weeks is needed for a full realisation of small bells.


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